Our farm

Our farm



We are an Australian family owned farming business located on the fertile Liverpool Plains of New South Wales, Australia.  The farm spans the black soil plains, the slopes and the hills that overlook the region.



Reilly helping clean one of the portable water troughs




We manage the farm and our sons Patrick and Reilly help where they can.  Derek’s father Sandy, also lives on the farm and helps with the day to day operations of the property.

We love having a farm business and the variety and fulfillment it brings, as well as the various challenges that come with it.




High impact grazing


We run cattle and produce beautiful, healthy GRASSFED BEEF that we sell direct to Australian consumers – families that are conscious about their health and the way their food is produced.  People that want to support regenerative agriculture and who want to enjoy the taste difference of grass fed beef.

We manage our cattle ethically and humanely – they are handled using low stress stock handling techniques.  We have taken learnings from the Bud Williams stock handling principles.  The animals are cared for and always have access to clean clear drinking water and a healthy quantity and quality of feed.



Dung beetles thrive



We manage our farm sustainably, using planned grazing techniques based upon Holistic Management International® learnings. This has resulted in more grass growth/production, better ground cover, clear water runoff, natural tree regeneration, greater biodiversity and helping to drought proof the business.  An abundance of biodiversity is supported in the soils, in the pastures and in our landscapes.



Patrick in perennial pasture



Our farm is 100% perennial pastures – a mix of native and introduced species.  Our perennial pastures ensure groundcover year round.  The farm is scattered with eucalypts of whitebox, yellowbox, ironbark, and redgum, as well as kurrajongs and weeping myalls.  The timber is of various ages – with our grazing techniques allowing for the natural regeneration of these timbers.



3 generations of Blomfields



We aim to profit in our farm business, while still achieving our goals of regenerating and sustaining the landscape.  We aim to always be in a position that our children can join the farm business if they so choose, whilst still maintaining its profitability for all.  When we pass our farm on to the next generation, we want it to be in a healthier state than when we began farming it.



Testing water quality




Our grazing management encourages maximum infiltration of rainfall, while ensuring clear runoff and the elimination of erosion.




Patrick helping with fencing





We spend our days checking and moving cattle, assessing pastures, moving portable water and fencing, assessing cattle and thinking of ways to grow and improve our business and of new ways to connect with our customers.




Proud to be Conscious Farmers





We are proud of how we farm… and that is consciously!