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I am passionate about addressing the need to regenerate farmlands to thriving, healthy, food producing landscapes.  There are real farmers and graziers the world over who share my passion and are demonstrating amazing creativity, innovation, productivity and an understanding of nature’s systems.   I am sharing their tips, practices and stories to inform and inspire you.  I am doing this through THE CONSCIOUS FARMER BLOG.

the blog

The blog is an OPPORTUNITY every post:

  • an opportunity to think differently about agriculture
  • to improve farming techniques.
  • to learn PRACTICAL regenerative agriculture know-how.
  • to share ideas with other farmers worldwide.

A blog is simply a ‘web log’ or log of information on the web – in this case, written by Kirrily Blomfield, The Conscious Farmer.  


“We are committed to informing and inspiring you about
regenerating soils, landscapes and food producing land”



  • BLOGS – Access to our informative blogs, so you can:
    • Learn innovative and practical ways of regenerative farming and grazing from around the world.
    • Hear real life experiences of the leaders of regenerative agriculture from my interviews with them.
    • Gain access to the latest research and science behind in-paddock outcomes.
    • Learn from industry leaders and undiscovered farmers from around the world.
    • Learn tips on how to implement new techniques.
    • Get a fresh injection of new ideas from outside your usual information circles.
    • Join our leading community of conscious farmers and industry people that you can share ideas with.
    • Be re-inspired and feel proud of the way you farm and graze.
    • Enjoy being a better farmer.
  • FRESH IDEAS! – A fresh injection of farming ideas outside your usual agronomic circles.
  • Learn more about the blog HERE.

Join the growing number of farmers, graziers and ranchers worldwide who reap the benefits of The Conscious Farmer blog!

At The Conscious Farmer, we not only talk the talk…

We walk the walk

Because we’re so passionate about regenerating food producing farmland, we practice what we preach on our own farm on the beautiful and fertile Liverpool Plains of New South Wales, Australia. Here we practice regenerative agriculture and produce THE CONSCIOUS FARMER GRASS FED BEEF, which we sell to Australian families who are conscious about their health and how their food is produced.

We are a family owned business that aspires to an agriculture in which both the grower and all of society can be proud and reap the benefits of. We are real people, see our ‘ABOUT US’ page and meet The Conscious Farmer blogger.

Who is the Conscious Farmer?

Kirrily the conscious farmer

Kirrily The Conscious Farmer

We are an Australian, family owned farm business. To learn more about Kirrily Blomfield, The Conscious Farmer blogger, see our ‘ABOUT US’ page.



Sustainable Cropping

Sustainable Cropping – Healthy crops mean healthy food for us. Sustainable farming practices like biological farming, cover crops, soil carbon, green manure crops, biodynamic farming, no till farming & organic farming.


Regenerative Grazing

Regenerative Grazing – Healthy pastures and healthy animals. Pasture quantity and quality, rotational grazing, carbon sequestration, high density grazing, animal nutrition, holistic management & more.


Farm Biodiversity

Farm Biodiversity – From soil bacteria & fungi, to trees & animals…..biodiversity is critical to the productivity of our soils & land and to Integrated Pest Management – how can we sustain and regenerate biodiversity on our farms?



Water – Critical to sustaining life and critical to farming……so how can we capture more, increase its infiltration and reduce soil erosion? Learn about natural sequence farming, swales, keyline farming, livestock water and more.